TECHIE’S TAKE: The World’s Toughest Phone!


We all know Land Rover for manufacturing Road Conquering Beasts and putting them to master our roads, both the smooth tarmacs in the city and the rugged terrains in the wild. Meet the high end Land Rover Explore, a tough, rugged smartphone which would be a great travel accessory for those who venture out in the extremely challenging rough, rugged outdoors. It is certainly a good dose for hikers, climbers and skiers. To confirm it legendary status, Land Rover have their brand and car-like grille appearing below the screen and vertical lines running at the back of the phone. Seemingly, the phone is designed with the Land Rover Discovery in mind. The phone has certain features that make it suited for the rough terrains and awesome to have around the remote areas, away from humanity and normal living.

The Augmented Reality Mapping

The Land Rover Explore features the ViewRanger’s Skyline Augmented Reality Mapping, making it an awesome device in navigating out in the wild. This is the most outstanding feature that define the smartphone, especially as an outdoor devise.

Design, Display & Key Features

The Land Rover Explore features a 5″ HD Display screen, well wrapped in a Corning Glass Gorilla 5 Glass. The screen can be controlled with gloves on, especially when it is freezing cold or wet conditions. The material that make the body is made to be tough and rugged, but sleek in a good way. The phone can be dropped almost 2m without breaking. One can take underwater, and into freezing conditions and still be guaranteed of performance as it is waterproof.


The phone will run on Android Nougat Platform.  It will feature 4GB Ram and 64GB ROM, with a Deca-core 2.6GHz 64 Bit MTK Helio X27 chipset. Such a powerful processor would ensure smooth processing of data and ease of transmission and reception of information, no matter how remote you are as long as there is network connection. The phone boasts of powerful 16 MP rear camera, with a x4 zoom and a front 8MP camera. There will be options too, with a 2 sim slot available for the users.

The Adventure Pack

the 25*25mm GPS Ceramic patch antenna to the smartphone  make it more sensitive and receptive to the regular phones sensors. The pack runs on its own 3,600 mAh battery, so as not to run down power for other functions. All the outdoor applications are a touch away, thanks to the Explore Hub for quick access to weather forecasts, altitude, mapping and other important information when outdoors. a night red filter mode is also built for night vision. The super flawless topographical mapping through the augmented reality application help identify local landscape features. Using the phone camera, it pinpoints where you are, which way to move and labeling the landscape in the camera’s viewfinder. The ViewRanger’s Skyline augmented reality application is the most feature that defines the Land Rover Explore smartphone. Combined with the super accurate GPS, they certainly got it right.


It features a typical battery that can be used for 2 days before recharging with power of 4,370 mAh capacity. In addition, the Adventure Pack has its own 3,600mAh power supply to ensure its ViewRanger Skyline application does not drain the phone battery.


When released onto the market as from April, it would retail as from 800 USD.


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