WORSHIP WEDNESDAY: Walking on the Recovery & Restoration Path.

We have all lost something precious in our lives, maybe once or twice and a couple of time. It is painful to loose a lifetime opportunity, a job, spouse, friendship, position, honour and or respect. A good biblical illustration is Job. When he lost all his riches and high position in the society, he became a nobody, mocked and tossed by the world.  The very people you thought could stand with you move on, forgetting the many times you stood by them in their moment of distress. Such status could fill your heart with un-forgiveness, bitterness, regret and anger. Most times, we crumble and give in to living below our potential, submitting to the beatings of life and undeserved fate.


In Deuteronomy 30:2-3, God says if we return to Him, He will return to us; if we follow His commands, and follow him with all our hearts. God indeed is the restorer of life, being the Alpha and Omega, the Creator and El-Shaddai. God will restores us from the clutches of life beatings to our full glory. It is sad and painful leaving a life of slavery, shame and regret when you really know your price and your standing. It is an oppression to not be able to do anything about it. That is when El-Shaddai comes in, to break yokes of oppression and set captives free.

Taking another verse, John 10:10, the Holy Bible says: The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and life and abundantly. God through his son Jesus restores our lives, whereas the Devil destroys, plunders and brings about hopelessness in life. If I were to choose, I would rather have life and restoration as opposed to a false life that ends in destruction. That is why God insists if we return to him with all ourselves, we are guaranteed of life and restoration of the greatness we once lost.

Obeying God’s word

Obedience plays a critical role in restoration. God through his word insisted that we must obey his commandments and adhere to his word before He restores us. When Abram, (Gen12;13) leaving a barren and oppressed life obeyed God’s world, his heavens opened and he became to today ‘The Father of Nations.’ in his lifetime, he was blessed with riches, honour and a position in our history and lives that is irreplaceable. From a nobody, life and restoration was granted to him because he obeyed and returned to God wholly, unlike his father, who returned back to pagan worship. Job 42:10: God restored Job’s life and gave him a double portion. Job was keen not to destroy his relationship with God, despite the life beatings he received so as to deny Him. Indeed, as it was to Job, there is restoration! No restoration happens without recovery. Let this be your portion.

The price for Restoration

Finally, I would love to insist that restoration for those who believe in God comes with adhering to His word, a fervent prayer life and worship of God in truth and spirit. In other words, for God to turn His attention to your, you must work out your salvation. Indeed, it is a worthy price to pay to receive tour double portion of that which was taken away from you, and blindly had you live a live of slavery and oppression. Zachary the short man who climbed the sycamore tree to see Jesus said he will return X4 what he had taken away from the people he had oppressed (Luke 19:1-9). How much does the devil has in store that is yours by right. Possess it back with no holding back. If that means changing your prayer and spiritual life, get serious about it. Do not hold back. It was not pleasant for the children of Israel to live in slavery in Egypt, when they knew God had promised them land and life in abundance.

The joy of salvation

David, a worshiper and Man of God who pleased God with praise and worship made a wonderful plea to God. In Psalms 51:12, David said; Restore unto me the joy of your salvation. Grant unto me a willing heart to worship you. When the joy of the Lord is upon you, it manifests in your work, talk and mannerism. Many state they love God and give testimonies, but those around them see sadness and no joy in their lives as they work and go about their business. Life is full of battles, and fighting on with the joy of the Lord put the Devil to shame. Make it a prayer today, as you pursue that which was taken away from you, for the joy of the Lord to be restored in your spirit. That joy is so sweet and powerful, pray to be filled and experience it. Also, pray for a willing, dedicated heart to worship God. Discouragements, chastisement, and the world would push you, but pray to always have a willing heart to worship God. That requires grace, which is always sufficient.



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