PERSON OF INTEREST: Vusi Thembekwayo

Vusi Thembekwayo: Photo Courtesy

He is a young re-known businessman, director in multiple companies, an equity investor, global motivation speaker and mentor from South Africa. Well beyond his years, Vusi has achieved much, no mean fete for a young man with tangible inspiration and high energy to chance things around him and bring out greatness in peoples endeavors and initiatives.

The building of an enigma, Vusi
Back in 2007, he graduated from Wits Business School (WBS) in Johannesburg, South Africa where he emerged amongst the top students. The following year, he served in MetCash Group as a Director. Working then in the New Business Division, he managed to turn the unit into the best performing for the multi-national firm. In 2011, he co-founded Watermark Capital Partners, an equity firm that supports high growth mid sized opportunities which showed promise and potential to make substantial returns. Their focus is on the medium sized companies which are looking for business opportunists across African market (East, West and South). The partners in Watermark are entrepreneurs, with reputable track records.

In 2012, he put his established public speaking position to good use, by funding and co-founding the Speakers Bootcamp where those who wished to improve their public speaking skills and abilities could enroll and be mentored and sharpened. In 2013, Vusi founded Motiv8, a specialist consulting and services agency. Motiv8 builds the capacity of managers and leaders towards delivering desired results in their organisations to their people. They were part of the business leadership outfit that provided consultancy in Thambo Mbeki Presidency’s national economic development and entrepreneurship initiative. Within the same year, he was also appointed as a Non-Executive Director for RBA Holdings Ltd.

In 2014, Vusi Thembekwayo added gloss to his blossoming resume when he qualified to join the National Speakers Association, New York as the first African to do so. He also featured, or rather starred in Africa’s edition of Dragon’s Den, a popular television series. Within the same year, he founded MyGrowthFund which supports entrepreneurs as they start and establish their business ventures through providing financial and technical support throughout the phases of business development. My Growth Funds develops incubator hubs thorough S. Africa rural and urban areas, in a bid to curb poverty through job creation.

Having build a reputation as a motivational speaker globally, Vusi founded Iconoclast, which is a public speaker management agency. Through the boutique, he managed to consolidate his resources and maximize his potential as a global speaker, on motivational and business subject. His efforts and hard work in public speaking were rewarded with the prestigious top 12 international speaker award(2015). Back in 2013, he was invited by the World Bank to speak on money matters, besides the British House of Commons and Australian Houses.

Vusi Thembekwayo has used his position, knowledge and networks to empower others in better versions of themselves, especially in Africa. His talks, speeches and CDs are both enriching and empowering, especially in helping business leaders understanding and cope with issues surrounding them. Among his books that are published and available for purchase, The Magna Carta of Expotentiality is the latest release that is a must have and must read. Vusi stresses that managers, leaders and entrepreneurs need a different bible to deliver different results in business environment that is characterized with extreme uncertainties, disruptions due to technology, social and political instabilities and scarcity of resources. He has also released three CDs on Africa Rising, Black Sheep and The Top Tips of Public Speaking.

Vusi Thembekayo indeed is an inspiration to our generation today. His vision and leadership focuses on empowering others be better selves and achieve greatness. We need more of such leaders in Africa to develop,grow and take up the numerous opportunities around us.

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