A friend of mine asked that I do a choral verse for her, and I scripted a piece. She rejected it, but then she never understood it. The message is within the script, and if personification and characterisation is done right through production, this could be a winning piece.


KAMIKAZE~Lewis Wafula



Oh, my sons…

You sons of the soil

For you I work and toil

Sweat in the dust and sun burst

My hands are calloused and coloured as earth

Evidence of endless manual labour

My back bent in decade’s strain

Against odds, and the steep hill of life.

I worked diligently and

To see you live

All fed and stomach full

Jumping and playing in the rain

Muddied and all messy

So full of life.

That, dear sons, give me tremendous joy.


Age takes toll on my strained body

Another child grows within my womb

Straining to see the world.

You looked up to me from your infancy

All your lives, I mothered and mattered.

Can I look up to you?


(First Force: Oath taking)

I swear,

By the powers bestowed by the constitution

To uphold, defend and protect the people

As per the laws of the land

To the best of my ability

So help me God.


(Brotherhood: Oath taking)

I take this solemn oath

By the blood of The Brotherhood

 The sacrifice of our seers

To push forward the just course

For the Brotherhood Fist Rule

So help me Papa-Shaka!


(Joint voices)

Another dawn breaks

Men from their sunken beds wake, pushed by accumulated unmet needs

Worn tools of livelihood in hand

They lose themselves to the day’s hustle bustle

Mama Mboga slices through another fistful of Sukuma Wiki

Mbugua the butcherman load and hooks up carcass for kilo chops

The wary city hawkers parade their wares

Ever watchful for the bully ‘kanjo’ army.

Children chorus ABCD… in the numerous public schools

The employed slave and labour in their 8-5 shifts

As the wealthy wake late, take a dip in their pools

And do another mega-deal.


Life trudges on like some old smoke belching locomotive

Mens’ endless endevours in pursuing money seem vain

Money always seem to fly around like some Jini-god

Hope fuels the very souls

To rest at dusk, and await another daybreak

A seemingly endless cycle.



We are Sons of anarchy

Descendants of Great Grand Papa Kane

We feed and thrive on pain

Chaos and terror inspires us to our course

A dream to have the Brotherhood

Have complete Power, Influence and Control

Against the Westernized civilization.

And over the will of weak-kneed men.


(First Force)

Day in, day out we stand watch

On the watchtower, river fronts, roads and porous borders

Our hands on our firearms

Our hearts in our hands

Our lives in God’s Holy hand

Pushed by purpose to defend the lands

And prevent prevalent massacre

The souls lost at Westgate broke our very hearts

The Garissa slaughter of innocent young but a nightmare

And the daily threats of terrorism make us all say these silent prayers;

‘Not on my watch

Not my family

Not my life…!’



The end justifies the means

And fear in livelihoods to the millions

Confusion, terror and intimidation define our subjects

As you all submit to our schemes.

As you cower in cowardice

And shit in your pants

We celebrate every victory, every hit with a hi-five

Parties and orgies

As we decorate our warriors

For brevity, courage and extremist acts

Every hit is a masterpiece


(First Force)

You wretch my belly with your hollow bellows

Boasting of evil deeds when millions suffer in needs

We are vigilant, ever watchful

Arms in hands, finger on the trigger

No love for a brother murderer

An eye for an eye, tooth for tooth.

The villagers vigilantly watch out

The city with cameras mop every inch for your thiefy

And men stand ready to wipe out your scum.



We are rich in wealth and abundance

Living in best neighbourhoods and foods life can offer

In the government we are represented

Even in the force our own are present.

Desperation and surerity for a little dime drives thousands into our camps

Internet calls and connects us all

Even the best of the best knock our doors

Escaping our cunning charm not.



Hush children, hush…

Its almost midnight

The moon is almost full

And the wind of change swiftly picks up speed.

The baby in my womb kicks excitedly

Almost…be still child.


(First Force)

I stand to defend these lands

Bring hope to its people

This night will pass, and with we’ll see another dawn.

Men will walk and work without worry

Women will conceive, and care for their families

Children will have a future

And fulfill their purpose.



Another day

Another masterpiece, maybe the grandest of all.

When blood flows

So is our livelihood redeemed

And sacrifice justified…


(First force)

Shut up, you sons of Anarchy!

Gobble up your deathly abominable words

Clean up the bloody mess that rain down your wake.

The law will take its cause

Happily we’ll oblige to uphold it

To see you behind bars for a thousand years

Or preferably, hang in the gallows

And have your generation cut off forever.

We shall deal with you Kamikaze-style

No retreat, no surrender.

You may kill one of us, but not a thousand strong.


(United Voices)

As children of this earth

We have the right to live and belong

We stand against terrorism and all forms of extremism

We stand as one,

Calling upon every man,

every clan,

race and country;

let’s cut the head of the snake at its head

enough of the blood shed, massacre and wanton destruction

Cooperation against radicalization into violent extremism

And upholding to the core principles of


Would ensure a future for our children’s children.

Arise, lets save humanity.



Holding born baby in her hands.

A new dawn

A naw day

Behold, a new day!











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