Confession of a Creative

I get so restless working on things which do not add up to my creativity and value. It has cost me relationships, opportunities and earned me the scorn of the society. Most times I feel misunderstand and misrepresented. Over time, I find no peace within and no fulfillment in life. My point of view always seemed skewed and off

In a spur of a moment, an idea springs up in my mind and my whole being is pulled towards wanting to develop it to completion. Suddenly, other realities sink in and as a creative, you got to let up to fit in elsewhere. It hurts that others take what you visualize and see so clearly in your mind as illusions, or is it fantasies?

The quiet submissive servant

To fit in the society and systems in place, I got my tie on, pressed shirt and pants, and polished shoes. Saying hi to everyone politely, submitting to authorities and rules in place, so as to go along. Yeah, doing same tasks over and over for cheque after four weeks. Waking up early to beat traffic, be in office by 8 and getting back home past 7 pm, drained and wasted in traffic and days chores.

The creative beast within

The other me: possessive, creative and entrepreneurial wants to take up every opportunity that comes along to create an empire and use minimal resources and time to create wealth. Rather than chase money, get the money working for me. Being a person who matters, the alpha male with smart minds around fighting to do their part and be relevant. In my mind, lays the master-plan and genius ideas everyone wishes to mine and own. When people are asleep at night, I am up building a million idea and slapping life into it for someone to see value in it, and buy into it.

The Mellenials phenomena

Millennialism comes at a price. Seeing small boys and girls running around, and using disruptive platforms such as social media to voice their opinions and stands on issues. The other me, rebellious, curious, pompous and inquisitive wants to go out, free as a bird to interact, engage with the younglings and when opportunity comes beat sense into their unrealistic stances. How can a whole man dance butt naked to camera with kids, ati comedy? But anyway, walking around bare-chested in shorts and sneakers scrolling my smartphone but with money streaming in is hot. But how?

Caging the beast within and building skills to relate, survive and building something that will encompass the realities on the ground and emerging issues would be the way to go. Looking for a hands on mentor in the creative circles to break the chips and scrub the silver to shine chrome! Help a brother…

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