Caveman Encounters: Omundu Mulosi nabbed!

The night runners and activities associated with them had become a thorny issue in Khasombo Village. Not once or twice, reports by several village dwellers of the visits and peculiar night activities were reported to the village elders and chief. Many attempts were made to curb their activities and traps set to man even one of them on vain. They were too good and smart for the crude attempts to man them.

The night runners were feared and dreaded in equal measure. Many of the villagers were reserved in confronting them because of superstitions and beliefs that surrounded them. Syembekho, a new settler in the village had bought land and settled in some few years back. He was welcomed by the night runners as it was ritual for any new comer. Rather than cower away in fear and intimidation, he rose up and sought after them, with the aim to kill one of his tormentors and teach the others a lesson. Something happened, and he was found running around naked during the day, shouting abscenities and mad as hell. He mysteriously disappeared, and his story became hush-hush. It was claimed he got bewitched and only God could save him.

After Engineer Lunani Werunga retired from a big job in the city with a fat salary, he decided to return back to his 20 acre farm and actively engage in agri-business. He had several grade cows which he zero grazed, and a large plantation of tomatoes which he practised irrigation. He had built a large white villa, with 7 bedrooms, solar powered electricity and a beautiful garden. He also owned a Ford pick up, Land Rover, a Ford tractor and FH lorry. He was a man of taste, and it showed in his possessions. He had not stayed in the village much, as was mostly abroad on government matters or working on multi-billion projects in East Africa as a lead consultant.

He was welcomed officially to the village by the Abalosi after just a few days of returning and settling down to large scale farming. The 5 German Shepherd dogs or security man could do nothing to the rampart visits of the night runners, who found his home ‘sweet heaven’ for their night missions. Pebbles rattled the corrugated iron sheets, feaces on the main door daily, sudden tappings of the glass windows, ghostly movements in the compound were the order of the day. His treasured Friesian cows, were milked at night mysteriously and yielded little or no milk in the morning.

He called his good friend, Pastor James from Nairobi to come help out, after all his attempts to capture and or scare away the rampant night warriors failed. Pastor James. A man well traveled and informed waged both a spiritual and physical battle against the nights runners. He set-up a warthog trap strategically on a well chosen location after checking out the homestead lay out and interrogating the askari. The plan was if the trap caught it’s pretty, he was to hung up high on the tree, with no one to rescue.

When the night ‘showman’ arrived exactly at midnight to begin his rituals, little did he know a trap had been cunningly set up for him. Moving stealthy to his favourite spot to do the defeacation act at the front doorbefore going to drink milk from cattle then do the rounds with colleagues in crime, he stepped on the trap then whoooosh he was up in the air! Pastor James, on hearing the loud snap and sudden disturbance of leaves of the tall tree at the front of the house, on an otherwise calm cool night, went around to investigate, rungu and flash light in hand. Yeah, the culprit was right up there, stark naked, leg up, heads down and helpless. His summoned his host who was curious and angry at the ‘Omubini‘ who made his grand home a play ground for himself at night, causing all hell, havoc and chaos. Welding his long ‘slave’ whip, he swung many strong lashes at the man. As the whip bit home, all those around could hear were muffled whimps and moans.

Word travelled fast and at break of dawn, almost all the village was gathered at the Lunania Farm. It was quickly established that the naked elderly man hanging on the tree was Macheusi Owakwabubi Matete, who was then the CDF chairman of the area, and also husband to Mai Katrina-Mama Assembly of the local Redeemed Church. One thing Engineer Werunga was sure of after the debacle and revelation that morning was that it would be long since those night people visited him again.

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