As we grow from infancy to adulthood, we strive to be dependable and resourceful. There are certain life lessons that if we’ll learnt can impact greatly in our lives and those around us. Finances and money matters is a thorny issue in life; of which some will eagerly want to contribute to and learn, whereas others will feel vulnerable and avoid it altogether as it makes them uncomfortable. Yeah, in one way or another, we are all caught up in the rat race of life, and become slaves to money and things we need to master and have them work in our favor. We all know of a Justin*, the man who works very hard, for little income, while clinging to the false idea of job security and pensions after long years in service.

rat race 3.jpg
Illustration: Courtesy

As the rich get richer, the poor are getting poorer. Circumstances and life situations force most of us to submit to life beatings and live lives below our optimum. We work on jobs we do not like, earn far less than we deserve and never make ends meet, with the needs ever growing. The more one earns, the more the debts and demands on the income. Our dreams are long discarded, building other people’s dream and living lives of bitter slaves.

We are naturally created with emotions. We all know our value, or rather price. Our human emotions in these contest are around fear and greed. As far as money is concerned, we have the fear of having no money, which motivates us to seek seek jobs, work hard and earn our keep. Over time, the desire for good things and a better life make us develop greed, on what the money can buy. Beyond the basic needs, we seek out better clothes, more space and luxuries and a more subtle lifestyle. As such, a certain pattern develops: fear drives us to want to earn more, whereas greed make us spend more. This develops the rat rat race. We get into always looking for jobs that make us earn more, but equally increase the expenditure.

When we let these emotions of fear and greed control us, then money becomes the controlling factor in our lives. It is indeed alarming when most of us react emotionally to fear of lacking money instead of confronting it, and thinking of lasting solutions rationally. The rat race of worrying, working for money, soothing the fears of living the present and not  finding a lasting solution to our core needs and life. It makes no sense at all to live ones whole life running under fear, working for money and spending it on needs and life’s desires. Just as the emotion of fear is deadly in pursuit for money, so is greed in spending the money.

How do you turn around the two emotions of fear and desire and master them in your favor? We go to school to read, and acquire knowledge. Armed with knowledge and acquired skills, opportunities open up where income is earned from serving. However,  ignorance about money make us fail in life, and become slaves, and victims. The belief that a good paycheck or well paying job will give you security is a big lie in itself. Ignorance about money should be dealt with with boldness and eagerness to find answers to the question on mastering our finances.

It’s time to think and take up the right of creating real wealth and think as the rich. Most importantly, to strive and get out of the clasps of life’s rate race. It is all in the mind.


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