MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: Building the Muscle to face the day


Bodybuilding is one of the most recognized and popular profession in our modern world. It is always awesome to see a fellow human with a perfectly developed, sculptured body and an aura of confidence around them. Of the most recognized muscle ‘flexors’ (former Mr.Olympia) Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an icon in professional body building. He still stands out, long after retiring from the profession, but is still held in high esteem by fellow professional body builders and the world at large. What makes him, and overly other body builders so intriguing to the average person?

Commitment: daily, get committed to do revs,  lift weights and diet so to attain the ultimate body.
Going the extra mile: Arnold worked hard, and went the extra mile to be the best in pro body building.
The big dream ahead: despite the challenges that come in the way, the big dream to be the best in he specialty made him enjoy every experience, every challenge and progress towards his vision.
Consistence: always working towards the goal, never breaking the routine and habits.
Coaching: getting guided by a certified coach, who is trained and experienced in getting you into shape.

As it is in the body building profession, so can it be said in real life. Building the right muscles so to counter life challenges is important for our livelihood and survival. To build the right amount of muscles, one has to go to the gym, exercise rigorously under instruction from a trained coach. The right habits of eating, living and general lifestyle have to be right to tone up. It is very practical, following tested processes and procedure so as to attain the ultimate desirable body mass and frame.A good example of well toned people are CEOs of successful companies. On a daily basis, these top business leaders are bombarded by hundred things they need to make critical decisions on concerning emerging issues, and ensuring the vision of the company is upheld. In a dynamic business environment, they need to steer their boats through storms as captains. Psychologically, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially, they need to build a muscle and capacity to sustain their businesses and visions for the present and future.These may be encompassed in:

  • Reading the right books to feed the mind and be creative
  • Developing and following daily, weekly and monthly habits that give them the desired results
  • Exercising power and authority while motivating their teams to be more productive
  • Eating right and ensuring they are healthy to carry out their duties and supervise those of the team
  • Regular exercising and keeping fit physically
  • Being optimistic and positively influencing those around them to make impact
  • Being interactive and socially connected to relevant social circles and networks that add value to their lives.

I believe everyone is a body builder of some kind.You may not have some awesome to show, but your work ethic, social impact,mental strength, psychological and mental soundness all show how empowered and endowed you are.

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