I hereby declare that…


I will have a great personal relationship with God. I will drop my vices and pick the virtues of life. I shall love my family, and be happy in with it (no matter the challenges) and fulfill my obligations.
I am going to be financially successful with no excuses. My goals will be SMART. I will exceed my expectations. I will have plenty to give and avoid debts. I will be in control of my life. I will strive to be exemplary and show other people that they too can make it in spite of initial challenges. I will inspire and encourage them. I will successful in my enterprise and gain enough to give back to the society and support noble courses. I will always support the poor and the needy unconditionally.

I will belief in myself (my instincts and intuitions and follow them). I will walk with my head up. I will have such great faith and trust in God to make miracles happen. I will teach my children (and grand children) about God , His great love and joy of living in Him! I will make an honest living and understand that wisdom, handwork and patience pays.

I will exercise to maintain good health and ensure I have an active life! I will recognize God’s blessings and give thanks to him by tithing, praying and praising Him. I will appreciate what I receive from the world and give back.

I will respect fellow human beings with no race, tribal or material barriers. I will strive to live peacefully and harmoniously with everyone. I will appreciate living every second and exploit every opportunity available to my benefit and or the welfare of others. To realize and acknowledge that life is a gift is overwhelming. I will live happily.

I will practice everything I continue to learn which is good, and enrich my life accordingly everyday.


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