KREATIVE KORNA: When dear wallet goes MIA…

WALLET WAFULA It’s a Monday morning, and the usual blues have me in wraps. I pack my bag and rush to work, and I’m just in time to beat the sudden fare hike and damn traffic jam on Thika Road. I did not even look up from my phone as I paid the concodi the fare from the loose change I found in my pocket. There was no need to go for the thao in my wallet, which would have brought and a possibility of loosing the whole amount. I had enough troubles already, and my hands were full.

I got in the office, settled down to the day’s work. Furiously I worked through my piled proposals, pending calls and unanswered mails. It was eagerly waited energizer. The sudden realization that I was minus my darling wallet got the hairs at the bark of my head erect in alarm. The Ksh. 5,000 (and several precious mbaos and ashus that come in handy when asking for change), my ATM cards, ID, bills receipts and random business cards from clients were MIA. That made my heart miss several beats, and my mood went sour.

I was so used to the wallet that the thought of loosing it was a big no! It was like a sudden separation from from a beloved bae, without even a short text notice ya kuleft. The harrowing experience of asking Mpesa agents for permission to transact, ma-sojas taking advantage of your lack of kitambulisho to harass you and prove their importance, and seriously not accessing money from the bank. I imagined all these damning experiences and got really worked up. Where could have I loosed my wallet, as I was pretty sure that other than my phone, iPad, charger, pen, notebook and diary, in that order; the wallet was always next. If not in my suit pant’s back pocket, it is secure in my backpack.

All kind of negative imaginations crossed my mind as I visualized the some unkempt nigga who was lucky to get my wallet using its contents against me. In wrong wicked hands, the ID would be good for disguise in committing crime. With the ATM card, a few guess works and some luck; he could crack my simple password and access my money in the bank. With so many passwords needed everywhere, I made my life simple by choosing a password I could recall easily. I for sure knew I had no luck with the cash, as it would be ready meat to be devoured by a hungry beasts. Being set back for carelessness against a tight budget and hard times made me angry and agitated for such costly mistakes. Loosing possession of the one’s wallet by force to thugs is very different to ‘donating’ your wallet to an uninvited, undeserving party.

What if some good old boy, maybe a pastor just called and said they got my wallet at the back of one of PSVs I used in my morning commute. Surely, it’s contents had all evidence connecting back to me. Agrrrhh…maybe it fell down on the side of the seat and some guy found it, collected the cash and discarded it on the floor of the mat.

Perhaps, I forgot it at home while packing? That glimmer of hope and 1% chance that my dearest wallet would be still intact, untouched, untainted, waiting for me lifted the gloom from my day. I fussed around unsettled until I found a genuine reason to get home early. I determinately asked the Mpesa agent next to our work office, after explaining my situation to allow me withdraw Ksh.100 as fare to get home. I was desparate, and my mind was focused on getting the wallet, hinged on 1% possibility. Kama mbaya, mbaya…!

It might seem stupid but I prayed to God that I get that wallet at home. On arrival, my heart was pumping hard, and I was out of breath as I fumbled to open my apartment door. The what if and if not equation played in my mind; it seemed like being at the judgement doorway, with a hell or heaven or heaven. What would it be? Police abstract or national ID. ATM withdrawal or mlolongo to get money and settle bills? Wallet or bilaz?

OMG! Right there, on the coffee table lay folded my brown, old, faithful, beautiful wallet. What shudder of relief I got there after the scare, as my heart and mind switched back to normal mode. Certainly, I won’t be leaving a life of inconvenience and regret any time soon. Producing that dreaded folded police abstract to get something done is always degrading. I kissed my darling sweetheart;and safe and secure in my arms again, I promised to take care of her, and ensure she never runs dry on money because of her faithfulness. I will put a tracker on her, just in case…

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