The Band compromises of Kenneth Muya, Mordecai Kimeu and Wachira Gatama. It was formed back in 2013. They are all uniquely talented and complement each other do their performances and productions professionally. Listening and watching their productions such as Uliza Kiatu and Nikitutazama make you realise they set themselves apart from other bands and artistes. Spoken word, guitar blending in to sweet African tunes, rapping freestyle, acting and their African dressing make their branding stand out conspicuously.

I attended one of their gigs, then organised by Standard Chartered Bank at Railways Sports Ground and it was lit.

They awed the ground with a live performance, and I was impressed as I moved to their sweet beats. The energy was on another level, with the shaking of the dreads, rap flow accompanying high tempo beat, and of course the Swahili spoken word and chorus that the ecstatic crowd sang along too was way too much even for somebody seeing and hearing them for the first time.

The brand’s popularity is growing, and even though they have not grown to levels of SAUTI SOL, but they are finding their own platform and roots to grow. They still have much to do with the passion and immense potential, even as they build their album and brand. On an interview on Daily Nation, they stated that their style is Afro-Poetry, and they love expressing their music through poetry fused with guitar and live band. Songs like Uliza Kiata was composed from daily experiences they encountered in their endevours. They are hustle jamaaz from Kayole and they have real stories to tell, as they do through creative poetry, simple chorus and stories that we can all relate to. As a show of tenacity, they did an animated version of Uliza Kiatu was released and it brings a different element to the whole set up. Online appeal, as experienced by Sauti Sol cannot be overlooked.

With an increasing fan base of a young audience who love the creative twist and poetry on real life issues they can relate to, H_art brings another unique element to home grown bands in Kenya. We look forward to more breakthrough by the group this year 2018.

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