MOTIVATION MONDAY: Find and keep your lane. 


We live in a world that is forever on the move. Revolving around the sun, the earth has periods, divided into Spring, Winter, Autumn and Summer. As the earth rotates on its axis, we got day and night; this creates differences in world time lines. As we wake to go to work today 0600hours, American citizens in Minnesota are retiring to bed, being 2100 hours. Accumulative days and nights bring about weeks, then months and years, which turn into decades, century and millennia etc.

The differences and varieties in life can be seen in human life too. We are all human, but our differences are clear and distinct as the billion stars in the sky. Even Africans, save for the rich melanin on our skins, depict differences in culture, character, mannerisms, personality and beliefs. It’s all fascinating, the differences in our genes, even between blood brothers.

I realized many times…

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