MOTIVATION MONDAY: Be a Source of Encouragement…


Life is tough enough. Some lose job, good contracts and loved ones. Some issues of life draw life out of souls and leave us sorrowful and beaten. Sometimes, unfortunate things happen against our expectations which get us all beaten up and pained. Some try, again and again, but failure and limitation dog their efforts. It seems nothing else matters, and the heart grows cold, the spirit get discouraged and the lows kick in.

Standing up from pride, selfishness and being self-centred to help someone and be a source of encouragement is probably one of the greatest virtues after love. Emotions are part of all humans, and seeing someone drowning in pity, sorrow and daily troubles and saying something about it is bravery. It is life; we win some, we lose others. There are moments of uplifting, and there are moments and moments you get squeezed to size. How do handle it, that is the question.


We all need encouragement, even for those who feel look too strong. Holding out a a hand of help, saying a word of encouragement and showing genuine concern for someone’s else troubles make a big difference to those individuals who are afflicted. It may be all they need to look up again, wipe away the tears and self pity, and face the issue at hand with confidence. It is at such a time that character is shaped.

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambitions inspired, and success achieved~Hellen Keller.

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