BUSINESS FOCUS: Day at service in professional cleaning at Parapet…

0430 hours: Waky waky…Daybreak

The loud alarm ring; a sweet worship song roused me from my deep sleep and 10th dream of the night. I had slept late working on a blog post which I had hit the publish button at 0156 hours. It was an intricate piece on Blackberry Passport, a masterpiece which I had researched and build content on for quite some time.   As good habit, I read through the word of the day from my bible, and said my prayers as worship songs streamed through the stereo. I found the habit constructive in settling my otherwise chaotic and busy schedule, in a pressure-oriented work environment. My grey-black slim fit suit was ready for wear, and I picked out my new plain white shirt, ironed it and laid it out for wear.

Still a bachelor, the routine was almost natural, even as a gulped down my coffee and 3 KDFs, slipped into my clothes and packed my bag for work.DSC_3198Boots cleaned and polished, socks clean and matching (I hate those embarrassments of mismatching and torn socks!), phone fully charged and safe in the front coat pocket, tie of preferred colour and fitting around the shirt collar…I was all set to face the day. At exactly  0600 hours, I was at the corner seat of the Nawaku Sacco PSV, town-bound.

0600-0700 hours: Commuting hours

I tuned in into one my downloaded motivational videos by T.D Jakes and got inspired for the day. This man of God could speak and get you all popping! Well, his teaching on pursuing your purpose and real life illustrations, with references to the bible got me pumped to make a difference for the day. As the vehicle sped through the highway, it thrilled me to be alive and up early to battle and gather my kill for the day. My schedule, planned from 0800 hours was real tight and good management of time and discipline to see laid out objectives carried out was mandatory for me.

0743-0800 hours: Arrival at the Parapet offices

I laid out my daily planner with all the activities I wished to carry out for the day. 10 calls to prospective clients, follow ups from leads received the previous day and also follow up for payment to retail and contractual clients.

0803-1000 hours: Shift one with calls, mails and engagements

As work colleagues come in and settle down in their respective work stations, I have already checked my mails and started my chores with vigor. Since I had appointments in the afternoon from 1400 hours, I needed to run and finish most of my outlined activities or risk get caught out. Luckily, there were minimal disruptions fro office inquiries and office chit-chats. I realize it’s almost 1000 hours, having put on steady hours on constructive work. Hot coffee and some chapati with egg sandwich was an excuse enough to get me going towards the tea serving area and serving myself. Hmm…, the coffee though….

1030 -1300 hours: Shift two on workings and submitting proposals

There were new and pending proposals, from bids to retail jobs: office cleaning, home spring cleaning, post construction and fumigation that needed to be submitted. I scanned through the folders on my laptop and scheduled myself to complete six proposals that had urgent deadlines. I realized to beat the deadlines and save myself from confusion on the following day, I needed to burn my midnight oil, and carry work home. A mail came in from the Group Head of Sales that required I submit my weekly status report with an updated pipeline, which I quickly did since I update it at end of every day, to be up to date with the sales flow on a daily basis.

 1309 hours: Lunch break

Having cleared most of my work load, I closed my laptop and packed in readiness for my afternoon site visits. I wiped out my smartphone and quickly went through my notifications. There were confrontations in town between University of Nairobi students and police as they protested killing of one of their own by a careless motorist, who had sped away. The demonstrations meant trouble in town and Waiyaki Way, hence best to avoid it. Luckily, my three appointments were in Parklands, Limuru Road and Runda. My plans were not to be interrupted, unless otherwise.

1328: Out of office

Since the time was really running fast, I hailed an Uber taxi and cruised to Aga khan Sports Complex for my first appointment. There was an upcoming Asian Community event and the event organizations had called us up to offer a proposal on the same. Hence, I went to meet Aisha, the event coordinator to inspect the site, get all facts right and work on the proposal. An event with running 5 days with an expected attendance of over 1,500 people day and night needed proper planning, more so in ensuring hygiene standards were maintained throughout.

1453 hours: Second appointment

I had to call Dr. Jeremy Otieno Otieno, who had leased an office space at a new development near Regal Plaza and needed the place cleaned; on a possibility of running late. However, I finished in time with Aisha and grabbed a matatu that got me to the office block in good time to make it to site at 1515 hours agreed. It was a post construction job of office space about 1,500 sq. feet that had been partitioned and furnished. I did my survey and after doing some quick calculations, provided an estimate cost to the pensive doctor, who consented to the proposal without much fuss. The cleaning crew of 5 with a supervisor; all fully equipped for post construction was to get to site the following day and get the place cleaned up in readiness for service. I confirmed the order by phone to the Sales Administrator in office, even as Dr. Otieno Otieno made the payment through the company’s Mpesa paybill number. I left the site happy of a confirmed sale and a booked job for the following morning.

Parapet Team

1600 hours: The Blue Bell Close Home Spring Cleaning task

I had to hail another taxi, which sped me through Ruaka Road into the quiet, serene and leafy residences of Runda. I found both the client, Anabelle and her husband waiting for me. Sitting on a half-acre compound, the magnificent house was a beauty to behold. Right from the gate, Annabelle’s residence bespoke wealth, class and abundance. Standing 3 storey tall, the glorious Villa, all white with well-designed and placed large windows made me feel…..

site notes.jpgWell, later on after a tour of the house, I got all my site notes. Since it was so expansive, with lots of details to consider; I could not conclude the service charge there and then what to charge. Since they needed the Villa cleaned over the weekend as they expected their children back home from abroad from studies and others with their families, I promised to have the proposal presented by the noon of the following day. I had a figure in mind, and I smiled as I felt the client was willing and ready to pay for value on quality service. There were some few concerns I had and needed to consult with the Retail Business Manager to find out if we could deliver on it, even as I planned to work on a proposal.

1800 hours: After works…

Exhausted and dead beat, I climbed into a Lopha Sacco matatu town bound, held my laptop bag securely in my arms and dozed off most of the way to town. I had to alight once in town and take a home bound matatu. The crowd of people in town awaiting the scarce PSVs going to the various estates was not motivating at all. My usual place where I queue for a space in the lined up Nawaku Sacco matatus seemed to be in chaos and confusion. Too tired to care anymore, I reached out my Infinix Note 4 Pro, hailed a taxi and was soon cruising home, as I followed the juicy stories on social media. The crazed Kenyan sitting on ‘over-sized balls’ trolling  Eric Omondi (a popular comedian) generously endowed load got me in a cheerful mood, as I imagined what their wicked thoughts were…Anyway, the day was gone and it was healthy to unwind and lower the guard kidogo!


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