TECHIE’S TAKE: Roll up your sleeve, it’s a Rolex!

Rolex watch.jpg

A symbol of status and wealth, the Rolex watch is one of those items a man would love to own and show as part of his wealth. Having a watch on your wrist says a lot about your, but a Rolex wrapped on your wrist is strong statement of you as a person. As a brand, Rolex achieved its goal as a pioneer in watch making, with uniquely designed, consistently conspicuous and functional; timepieces that have got even better with time. From explorers conquering Everest, or crossing the Sahara, diving deep in the ocean, celebrities showcasing new fashion or the famous and wealthy flossing their riches, Rolex fits the diverse profile seamlessly.

History of the Rolex

Rolex is the pioneer of wrist watches, founded back in 1905. To date, this is a total of 113 awesome years, leading from the front. Founded then by Hans Wilsdorf at 24 years of age, his dream of a wrist watch that was easy to remember and name, with good dials and movement was realized in the Rolex. His pursuit for quality movements of watch made Rolex be awarded for precision, a fete only reserved for marine watches. As such, Rolex and precision are same and one thing, uncompromisingly. Over time, Rolex has launched awesome timepieces to its adoring users, who wear and carry it around with pride and respect it deserves. Seeing stars like Tiger Woods and David Beckham, a Manchester United FC legend donning one of those adorable watches makes you understand its suave, impact and power play it helps to create.

David Beckham’s Deep-Sea Dweller Black

What about a Rolex?

Each model of the Rolex its own story. An investment in one of this time pieces would prove a valuable asset, and can last your lifetime. The unique features on each model, intricate design and articulate details make the time pieces stand out.

Manufacturing the masterpieces: Each watch takes over a year to manufacture, with the various parts of the watch goes through rigorous testing to perfection to fit the precision and functional standards set as measurement of required quality. Rolex works towards perfection.

Movement of the watch: The Rolex won its Certificate for precision because of its focus to have the various components in the watch work together meticulously and error free and guarantee precision. The exacting process in movement give the Rolex the recognition of being Swiss chronometer.

Stainless Case: All Rolex watches uses the unique type of steel- 904L for manufacturing its watches.

Bang Rolex.jpg

The Oyster Case: It makes the Rolex watch unique, strong and waterproof. This makes the watch excel in both function and form, and suitable to the many adverse conditions that other watches do not fare well. The case proves important on the waterproof aspect.

Back Case: Most of the Rolex’s back case are smooth, with model number engraved inside.

Date magnification: It is synonymous to see and find all Rolex watches with the date function. The Cyclops feature is usually positioned over the date of the watch to magnify the aperture. The Cyclops magnifies the date x 2.5. This is consistent in all the Rolex watches.

Feature Watch: The Sky-Dweller

Rolex Sky Dweller 2.jpg

The Rolex Sky-Dweller is a distinctive time piece launched in 2012. Its revolutionary design is a masterpiece with all sophistication made simple for use and functionality. It features:

  • A Rolesor, made of gold; which is the mark of distinction for Rolex hence trademarked.
  • A black dial pad with two time zones display
  • A 904L steel solid link bracelet (with 18 carat yellow gold) with a folding oyster clasps. The bracelet also has Easy-link rapid extension system to increase the length of the bracelet for extra comfort
  • A 9001 movement caliber that is self-winding and designed to be precise and reliable in providing time consistently.

The Rolex watches do not come cheap. As mentioned earlier, it is a worth investment. Work hard, save and go buy a genuine time piece that you will give your son in your later years as a blessing.

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