TECHIE’S TAKE: The Blackberry Passport Silver Edition.

Always BlackberryTo the bold, loyal and defiant Blackberry owners…

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Family: Iconic Blackberry devises collection, still a strong force to reckon.

Big-up and utmost respect to all owners and users of Blackberry phones. No matter how old, battered or bettered the devises are, they are still gem. The familiar dial pad, masculine build, business touch and robust performance keep most of us not wanting to let go. This current trend of phones being produced and discarded like pop corns is disheartening. Finding your Blackberry bae and staying loyal is the in-thing. Reports emerging that the  almost shamed brand is raising its head with new, refurbished smartphones that made it made headlines for a long time is refreshing. 

The Blackberry Passport Silver Edition


When the Blackberry Passport was introduced into the market in 2014, with the Silver Edition being introduced later in 2015, it was not business as usual. Standing bold, tall and defiant, the Passport is my ultimate definition of class, uniqueness, different and masculine. It stands apart from any other phone ever designed and presented on the market. It’s a square shaped beast of a smart phone featuring:

  • A 4.5ā€™ screen with 1440*1440 1:1 display ratio
  • A qwerty keypad
  • 2Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor
  • 3 GB Ram
  • 32 GB Memory storage, with an expandable microSD slot

The silver edition has basically same features, with slight improvements mostly in the physical appearance as the original Passport. As such, it has almost same features as the older brother, apart from an additional preimium look with the stainless steel frame. It is a business focused phone, with its features created to suit those who wish to quickly access and make use of their emails, spreadsheets and report. This would be ideal for executives always on the road to various business meeting over the week, running tight schedules and always need to be communicating.

Outstanding Features:

The 1:1 aspect ratio display;

Silver edition.jpg

The display on the Passport ensures a display of 60 characters as opposed to the normal 40 characters by other phones. As such, reading of eBooks, emails, reports and pages on the web a lot easier. A HD 1440*1440 pixel display ensures clarity with crisp text appearance, full color images from different viewing angles. Though a little disappointing for videos, it is tidy enough for what really matters.

The 3 row Qwerty keyboard;

The 3 rows that make the keypad also serve as a mouse pad. Made smoother that the original Passport, the silver edition version keypad are easier to press when in use. The keyboard contains physical rows and more rows on the screen, which change depend on the application in use. It is technical in a way and not for the faint hearted, which is another reason why you should own one, to show your sophistication.

13 MP Camera;

The Passport Silver Edition features a 13 MP camera, which is better protected than the original Passport. It features LED flash, auto-focus, face detection and HDR. The front facing camera is 2MP; provided by LG Innotek, and capable of shooting 720p from the fixed focus shooter. The cameras are functional for a business phone whose focus is functionality and not aesthetics.

Good quality sound Speakers:

The Blackberry Passport Silver Edition speakers are loud, and damn good; just as the device is bold and outstanding from other smartphones. This is undisputable, especially for sound lovers who know what to look for in sound, away from noise to quality delivery! Much credit to the engineers and designers of the Silver Edition, especially the speakers located at the bottom of the smartphone. The speakers produce clearer, louder sound with deep base which is a marvel to listen especially in speaker mode.

Processor and functionality.


Running on a 2.2Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, Adreno 330 GPU with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory, the Blackberry Passport Silver Edition is really a robust beast in multi-tasking and ensuring the jobs get done. Better graphics performance, downloading and uploading speeds, smoother UI and efficient use of power make the Passport exception. As a user, you are guaranteed of a solid, assured performance in your daily use and uncompromising reliability. The Passport is a real gem compared to other smartphones that appear attractive with lots of attractive features but fail to deliver where it matters most.

Aside from the masculine, strangely handsome hardware, with the premium stainless steel finish, the Passport runs the Blackberry Passport 10.3.2 OS. This OS runs some of the Android apps, hence would be convenient especially for some apps which has become important in daily interactions such as Whatsapp. Among the outstanding characteristics that define the Blackberry 10.3.2 OS are:

  • Anti-theft protection ensures the phone cannot be wiped, accessed and used by someone else especially in these present days when phones have become personal assistants with lots of personal and office data.
  • Smart Calendar, which can chose events and duration depending on frequency as detected in the meeting mode.
  • The Blackberry Blend which enables blending your messaging and content on your Passport to your tablet or computer. As such, you are able to get notifications, respond, access mails and documents in real time on whatever device you are with.
  • Blackberry Assistant which makes doing tasks easier. An own version to iPhone’s ā€˜Siriā€™, the Blackberry Assistant enables you speak your requests, hence complete tasks faster.
  • Blackberry Hub enables you as a Passport user have all your messages, mails, events and notifications in one location for your convenience and better planning. You are able to respond to all the different channels from a central point, saving you time and energy.


The Passport Silver edition has a 3,450 mAh which keeps power at least for 24 hours on average after heavy use in the day. This is a vast improvement from the problem encountered in the past from other Blackberry devises that dried up on power juice before none get properly started in the day. The efficient operating system and superior processor ensures good use of the battery, especially with applications running in the background.


the devices were pricey and worth every penny when released back in the day, 2015. Still available on the market, the  Passport can be purchased locally at Ksh. 20,000-40,000 from various reliable outlets and or import directly through Alibaba, ebay or Amazon.

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