MOTIVATION MONDAY: Find and keep your lane. 

We live in a world that is forever on the move. Revolving around the sun, the earth  has periods, divided into Spring, Winter,  Autumn and Summer.  As the earth rotates on its axis, we got day and night; this creates differences in world time lines. As we wake to go to work today 0600hours, American citizens in Minnesota are retiring to bed, being 2100 hours. Accumulative days and nights bring about weeks,  then months and years, which turn into decades, century and millennia etc.

The differences and varieties in life can be seen in human life too. We are all human,  but our differences are clear and distinct as the billion stars in the sky. Even Africans,  save for the rich melanin on our skins, depict differences in culture, character, mannerisms,  personality and beliefs. It’s all fascinating, the differences in our genes, even between blood brothers.

I realized many times we run the race of time with a wrong focus, attitude and mindset. Since we cannot be all Michael Joseph, Barrack Obama or Dalai Lama, we need to appreciate our strengths and weaknesses as we work towards exploiting our potential.

Usain Bolt makes look it easy to run super-speed in the 100-200m short races, but would struggle against David Rudisha in 800m tactical race; even won’t attempt the 10,000m endurance race against Mo Farah.

Each race requires certain skill, tact and technigue to compete, make or break a record. It also takes time,  dedication and intensive trying to achieve the fetes the athletes attain in the world championships.

So, find and maintain your lane in life. Overtaking may seem a quick fix,  but later it comes to bite you when you use wrong lane and get fined, cause accident and or confusion on the road. Just as cars on a busy highways go to respective journeys, we too have different  destinies,  different life goals. I noted too that note all cars are Toyota Prados, or Subarus. In these regards,  let’s run on our lanes depending on our design, abilities,  and purpose we were created.

As others move through traffic on the main highway towards the city,  others are leaving,  others joining the highway through feeder roads and others taking the diversions to estates and mitaani. Interestingly,  these seems synonymous with our lives,  in all its diversity and intrigues.

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