KREATIVE KORNA: The Encounter with my other me.

CAVEMAN ENCOUNTERS: Meeting Emboko Chief Wakubona

I am a wild-mild one in character and personality; life has made me align to the quiet flow of obedience, submission and compromise of ambitions to survive the plunges of the day. The things I want to do are not the things I really want to do, but I have to do. I watch the masses and sometimes I curse why I am part of the thousand crowd, heads bowed like sheep looking for a shed and take a flight of fright and a puppy’s bark. Damn! Where is that defiant lion spirit that seems to surge just below the skin depth?

Splurge Lounge

I took my place in a quiet corner restaurant side at Splurge Lounge, to just take a rest after a long day in office to review my day and give thought on my life. No serious girl in life presently, poor pay and working on a job I had no passion for were enough dead weight on my poor back to make me walk beaten. I ordered a cold Krest madiaba, which was billed three times its actual retail cost, but anyway the environment would compensate for the inflated price, or so I consoled myself. Quickly, I scanned the area for a familiar face but they all seemed totally new to me, each one minding their own business, save for this lady with blue lipstick, fake eye lashes, expensive wig and oddly shaped-shaved eye brows.

Nyakundi things!

Damn! She looked gross, and the low cleavage revealing bouncy boobs didn’t help the situation either. I shrugged my shoulders to hide my disgust. She kept looking my direction, sipping at her cock-tailed juice, but I avoided her gaze and dug into my phone to show I was not interested. “This may be one of those slay queens Cyprian Nyakundi talks about, ani-slay when I thought I got some conquest for the night…’ I told myself. By her mannerisms, I noted she was a mission to get some poor fellow and chop his money. As a boy child, I will not let myself get exploited!

The live band was doing a fine job, especially the saxophonists who blasted away some old school love ballads. As Muchacho, a friend of mine had recommended, I felt my time and money was well spent with the proceedings, though it was still 6.05 p.m. How I needed that! I settled back in my seat, took another swig of the bitter Cola drink, as I checked on a post by Nyakundi on Facebook about Ciru Muriuki.

Emboko Chief Wakubona aka ‘Mandevu’ entry at Splurge Lounge caused some real commotion (Illustrated by Lewis Wafula)

The sudden commotion at the main entrance interfered with the quiet, beautiful mood set for lonely souls like mine which sought solace. Waiters and the patrons suddenly seemed to find sense of purpose as they rushed to clear tables and place themselves strategically for the new customer. ‘Who was this person who seemed to bring the whole house down?’ I asked myself. Even Ms. Blue Lipstick seemed suddenly fired up, finishing her drink quickly and clattering across the restaurant to possibly get the ‘fresh meat’.

Grand entrance of Mandevu

Some clean head shaved young man with a full beard, gold chain and black sun glasses strolled in, in a company of two big bicep-ed men in black suits, shirts, ties and matching glasses. He was waving at almost everyone as he walked towards the VIP Lounge on the bar side. The two burly men pushed people aside Margayan-Sargasyan style, even as the bearded young man waved to the ululations and cheers of the patrons. Someone crazied woman shouted excitedly,  “Mandevu in the house!” This seemed to rouse the waiting crowd, who broke into a chorus, with beats of beer bottles and fists on the tables to match, as they chanted: “Chief, Mandevu…Mandevu! Chief, Mandevu…!” He waved back to the cheering crowd, all while keeping a cool demeanor and smiling broadly to everyone. Well, from the little I could see, he looked well groomed, well feed and fit. The beard, bald head and full beard created some air of mystery around him and a peculiar masculine whiff of an alpha. I don’t know why, but my mind quickly analysed what kind of man he was. Things went back to almost normal again, as drinks flowed and the band switched to Zilizopendwa hits. The sound was well tuned and it fitted my state of mind, then.

The gents encounter…

A call of nature called, and I finished my madiaba, summoned the waiter nearby for another cold one, secured my corner space and rushed to the gents for a piss.

To be continued…


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