KREATIVE KORNA: Inspired, I See Him.

kenyatta jomo.jpgThe focused man

He is strong,

He courageously, and competently tasks through the toils of the day

Fends food for his family of four.

His eyes see beyond the margins you may lay;

He will not break down and let slip the daily hustle.

He pursues every opportunity

He captures every moment,

Turns every situation for his beloved’s gain.

He wont down his trusted tools of livelihood

Till dusk sets in,

and he has to fold-up, eat and rest.

With a sigh he waits for the  new dawn;

to set out out again, accomplish his life goals.


The Enigma

Empowering words of a conqueror

Inspired energy for within flow freely from deep within him; like a shooting star.

Wisdom sets a path before his feet; like the christened white crowned African eagle

He spreads wide his mighty wings and reaches the skies above.

High and higher he soars;

His heart large enough to take the burden of the generation,

and lay strong foundations in Godly love.


Signature Mark of Excellence

We call him Wesfumbi, an Enigmalewis

for none compares to him.

His deep, penetrative all seeing eyes;

His keen, attentive, listening ears;

His slow, commanding voice;

His comforting, assuring smile;

His strong, well toned limbs and body frame;

Prolific spirit;

vigour at work;

Unquestionable mark signature of excellence;

all united in one purpose

With fellow men of repute and

to spotlight the Kenyan Man.


Tears, Sweat and Blood

All for one, One for all.

He will not sit back and watch in helpless silence.

He is a doer, all action; a go-getter.

He will not watch his legacy,

What he worked for with tears, sweat and blood

Burn to miserable ashes; at a snap of  I care less fingers.

With his huge, calloused bare knuckled hands of care,

He will break the vicious chain of complacence

He will go down the Valley of the Shadow of Death path

Put his life on the line,

To guarantee his off springs’ an assured tomorrow.


Enigma BabaJoin him, or let him be

His voice is assuring as his empowering personality.

His courage as steady, as his glowing hope.

His energy as far reaching, as his undisputable vision,

on display for all to see; as a seedlings shoots out of the warm moist soil,

to grow into a tall, gigantic tree in all its glory.

As desirable as a royal  token of pure gold one can hold,

His visions burns and is true, as the ever blazing fire in his eyes.

You can not stop him;

You can only join him;

You can only let him be.


He will surely shield our destiny,

with every drop of his blood.

His rarely shed manly tears will not go to waste.

He will stand to shield us with his name.

He will guard our heritage.


collins injeraOh, and so;

You men of our blessed nation Kenya,

Gifted and endowed, be so inspired!



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