UNICORNS-OF-INDIAStronger than the eagle

Faster than a fired arrow from bent bow

Deadlier than the Sub-torpedo

I soared high to heights unknown

Saw serene sights unimagined

and drank from sacred brooks as the Unicorns.


glide highRun, oh run…I flew and glided above,

Fly, oh fly on…so high above I soared.


Like a hammer of Thor aimed to blow away Mighty Everest

It came down like thunder bolt from the thickest of the storm clouds;

and bang! Pounded hard on my heart.

HerculesLike the Whip wielded by Legendary Hercules;

Swished and smashed with deadly precision;

It caught me dead.

It cut me off my hold.

Cut me down to my bare feet,

Down, back to reality.


Ravaged_earthAcross the perverse Plain,

Vast as a day vision,

I saw children of the world desolate holding out hand for dime

Women broken, shame soaked in a ravaged waste…

Men all wounded, bloodied, pained  and in painted pain;

This whole world…

Seemed one messy mass:

No food

No good

All was bloody and crooked.

The big finger of blame pointed out that in my pride;

I didn’t do that which I should do,

But that which I shouldn’t, did.


I turned around, awakened by tremors and sudden strange sounds around me;

saw myself on the life mirror;

the inner real me,

the outer broken me.

The pompous, proud-ful, pathetic me.

My hands held up the shattered world I created,

My legs shook, heavily chained on a dry, darkened doomed earth

And …

No! No! No! Nooo……………….!

My wings were broken.


A heavenly hand reached out,

A life giving breathe breezed into my dead-ness.

My heart got back a godly music beat

And lifeless hands got sense back and up,

I held a delicate seedling of the legendary Mustard,

With word round its young shoot written, encrypted in royal gold;20141118085639-Brokn_Wings_Heal_Bird_out_of_Cage

Little One, start again. Grow up son. I give thee another chance.

I watch over yee from Yonder.

Then, a majestic  voice;


That voice of a Lord of Lords, commanded:

“Go fulfill thy purpose

For the hour is nigh…”





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